SFT-Test Fixture Technologie

For contacting and testing PCBs, ICT-Technologies has developed the patented SFT Test Fixture Technology. This technology is suitable for all tasks of
contacting PCBs and offers considerable advantages over classical test methods.

Mechanical stress free test of PCBs

In conventional technology with sealing mask or cap with push downs, the printed circuit board (PCB / UUT) is exposed to an extreme mechanical stress. In the dynamic stage, the PCB / UUT can easily be deformed or it will be pressed plan after reaching the final state. Through that, cracks can occur on the ball-points of BGAs, FPGAs, on the contacts of LSIs and on ceramic capacitors. The SFT Test Fixture Technology avoids cracks, because the PCB lies directly on the spring mounted distance holders. Only the SFT Test Fixture Exchanging Cassette moves towards the PCB.


SFT Test Fixture


Further benefits

- basic system is required only once per testsystem

- cost reduction b ecause each further application will be carried out only with

- a SFT Test Fixture Exchanging Cassette an a PCB-Plate

- ISO9001 / TS16949 requirements are completely fulfilled

- shortest connections with DCR-Technology option (flexible PCB)

- direct contacting to the testsystem

- direct signal-measurement on the receptacles is easily possible

- extreme accuracy because of six-party guiding

- contacting both sides is easily possible

- ESD carrying out version as standard

- fine pitch contacting with DCR-Plate is easily possible